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About the beta

We’ve been working on debugProxy privately for some time and now feel we are at the point where the service is solid enough to share publicly. We hope by doing this, we can show what we have been building – and in turn – get valuable feedback to further improve our labour of love (and sometimes also anguish and frustration).

We are looking for both technical feedback in terms of how the system handles real users and also feedback from users to help us identify bugs and prioritize features. Our focus for the immediate future is on making the core proxy functionality and current features more solid, however we are still very interested in what features people want for when we finally get around to working on them.

In terms of what to expect from the beta; Provided all the services are running and the system is not overloaded, you should be able to register an account and start a proxy session. The proxy server should reliably proxy requests and the requests should be shown in the dashboard. Viewing the request and response data is somewhat limited, responses that return a Content-Type header with a known encoding should be rendered in the UI as expected. Binary responses, for example images, are rendered as base64 encoded strings. Modifying the request and response headers and body content (binary bodies must be encoded as base64) and status code should work.

The beta service is running on a single physical Intel Xeon E3-1271V3 machine hosted in Germany by Hetzner. We have done some load testing on this server so we have some idea how it performs in terms of raw request throughput, but have no idea how this will translate to real world usage. There is some system and application rate-limiting in place intended to mitigate abuse, but we are not sure how effective this will be.

We really hope you have a good experience using the beta. Whatever happens it will be a useful experience for us. Please email us with any feedback you have, we’d love to receive it even if it’s not what we’d like to hear.