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iOS Proxy Configuration

To configure your iOS proxy server you have to connect through a Wi-Fi connection.

This guide should work for iOS 10 and 11. Unfortunatly HTTPS tunneling through a proxy with credentials, like debugProxy, doesn't work properly on iOS 9 and lower.

Step 1

Before configuring debugProxy on your iOS device, you need to download and authorise a debugProxy Certificate.

Setting up a proxy on the iPhone

Step 2

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi connection to open your Wi-Fi settings

(debugProxy has to be connected through a Wi-Fi connection)

Setting up a proxy on the iPhone

Step 3

Scroll down and under HTTP Proxy, select ‘Manual

Setting up a proxy on the iPhone

Step 4

Enter the Proxy Server in ‘Server’

Enter the Port under ‘Port’

Now, open your phone’s web browser and insert your debugProxy session Username and Password for authentication

Setting up a proxy on the iPhone

Video of Steps 2-4

A short video of the steps needed to set up a proxy (in this case debugProxy) on an iPhone5 running iOS 10.

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